Hem Saw with 25" capacity
HE&M Model H130HM-1 Hydraulic Band Saw - complete with the following: Manual Swing Away Control, 1 1/2" x 17" x .050 Blade; 10hp Motor, 2hp Hydraulic System, Powered Blade Tension, Variable Frequency Controller, LED Blade Speed Readout on Console, Full Stroking Vices, Powered Guide Arm, 24" Solid Discharge Table Bolts to Saw, Coolant System, Installation Accessories and Spare Parts Kit, Laser Light System, Outboard Powered Vise On Discharge, Wired for 440 V 3-Phase.

Horizontal Hydraulic Swage Press Model CT-500-20
Inducto - Heat Stress Reliever Unit (range 2" to 22")

Two Torque Tuen, Time, Bucking Unites. One with 22" diameter capacity and the other with 8" capacity.​​